TUFC Development


What is the TUFC Development Program?

The program is aimed at offering young athletes aged 7 to 10 a chance to enhance their foundational sports and movement abilities in a friendly, enjoyable, and secure setting. During this phase of growth, our focus is on the individual player and their proficiency in controlling the ball. Therefore, we emphasize activities and games that allow players to practice dribbling, running with the ball, receiving passes, and turning with the ball.

When Do Players Train/Play?

Players enrolled in this program will have training sessions two to three times a week and will compete against other local clubs throughout the season.

Who Can Join?

This program caters to players who are willing to dedicate time to improve their skills through organized training and game schedules. Evaluation by head coaches in their respective age groups will determine placement in a pod to support their progress. Our goal is to create an environment where players are both challenged and able to experience success during training and games.

How Can Interested Individuals Get Involved?

To learn more or to try out the program, reach out to Mo Nabavieh, our Grassroots Manager via email at

Head Coaches

  • U10 Boys (2014): Stephen Ademolu
  • U10 Girls (2014): Sophia Ferrazzo
  • U9 Boys (2015): Chieffy Caligdong
  • U9 Girls (2015/16): Melissa Erwing
  • U8 Boys (2016): Mick McManus